Our Pastures
Our Belted Galloways graze over 40 acres in Boxford and surrounding towns.  Our partnership with the Town of Boxford has allowed us to start the farm and continue to grow its operations.
Over the past 10 years the residents of Boxford have supported the conservation of important agricultural properties through acquisition by the Town of Boxford.  These properties are protected through an Agricultural Preservation Restriction, or APR.   Although these APRs differ from property to property, they all require that these properties remain in some form of active agricultural use.
We are licensee of several of the town-owned fields, including the Millbrook Farm Field, Hovey’s Pond Meadow and the Peabody Field.    The Boxford Conservation Commission manages these properties and grants licenses or leases for use of this land.   If you support the use of the Boxford agriculture fields for grazing of our Belted Galloways or have other suggestions, please let the Boxford Conservation Commission know to make sure your voice is heard.

642 Main Street, Boxford, MA

Millbrook Farm Fields

The Millbrook Farm Field was acquired by the Town of Boxford from the Chadwick family in 1995.  The Millbrook Farm Field property comprises approximately 11.5 acres of Town owned agricultural land on Main Street in West Boxford.  It borders our own property on 642 Main Street, where we have some additional pasture, our barns and our house.    The Millbrook Farm Field borders the beautiful Hovey’s Pond area with its exceptional wildlife and vegetation. Of the approximately 11.5 acres, approximately 4.5 acres are fenced in for pasture.  There are two pastures of approximately equal size.  Each of the pastures has a walk-in shed to offer protection against the rain and cold.  The northern field is used in the winter.  It has a heated watering system to provide fresh water year-round.  The Millbrook Farm Field is open to the public.  It offers a boat landing to access the beautiful Hovey’s Pond and has trails that connect with the trails network of West Boxford.

130 Lake Shore Drive, Boxford, MA

Hovey’s Pond Meadow

Hovey’s Pond Meadow is a beautiful town-owned property of approximately 7.8 acres along Lake Shore Drive in West Boxford.  It border the West-40 farm fields owned by Inglasby Farm.  The pond provides fresh water for the cows.    It is pumped from the pond into stock tanks in the back of the field.

78 Main Street, Boxford, MA

Peabody Field

The Peabody Field is a beautiful town owned property of approximately 2.5 acres across from 79 Main Street in the Historic District of East Boxford.   It was acquired by the town of Boxford in 1997 from the Lord family.  There is a majestic tree in the field that provides shadow and shelter for the cows.  A well preserved stone wall lines Main Street along the North side of the field. Fresh water for the cows is kindly provided by one of the neighbors.  The Peabody Field offers a short trail around the pasture.  Immediately adjacent to the pasture are walking trails that connect with the vast network of East Boxford trails.

137 Andover Street, North Andover, MA

Stevens-Coolidge Place, North Andover

The Stevens-Coolidge Place is a property owned by the Trustees of Reservations. It is open for visitors and when the cows graze the fields they add a special dimension to to this beautiful place.
We fenced-in two fields belonging to the estate, including the field right behind the estate and the amazing gardens. Approximately 17 acres has been fenced in for grazing and the cows are rotated in and out of these fields.  The black and white Belted Galloways became a back-drop for wedding pictures (they fit the wedding color palette), and family portraits that are often professionally taken there.
The Steevens-Coolidge Place, formerly known as Ashdale Farm, served as the summer home of John Gardner Coolidge – a diplomat who was descended from Thomas Jefferson and was nephew to Isabella Stewart Gardner – and Helen Stevens Coolidge from 1914 to 1962.

137 Andover Street, North Andover, MA

Private Area Pastures for Grazing

A number of families and farmers have kindly offered use of their fields by our cows during the summer grazing season.  Some of these are visible from the road, others are not.   These families love having the cows around.   Our Belted Galloways currently are grazing fields in Boxford, Bradford (Haverhill) and Andover.   Our cows graze fields of three homeowners in Boxford, one in Bradford (Haverhill) and one in Andover covering in excess of 20 acres.   We are always looking for additional pasture for our growing herd of cows.  If you have a pasture in Boxford, Topsfield or Andover/North Andover that might be used for our cows, please contact us.   We can assist with fencing.